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    Treasury list


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    Treasury list

    Post by Easybakeoven on Wed 24 Jun 2009, 1:29 am

    Ok here is the list of items maintained int he treasury. This will be updated every few days so please check back if u are on the hunt.

    Repairmann will be on a few times a week but u can always bug one of my other toons. He will be located at the Bank in the market for easy convenience. These are not in any order.

    There is one rquirement if u take an item you have to give one in return an even swap. This will keep the treasury full for all to use.


    +1 Banishing light mace lv10
    +1 Acid Handwraps lv12
    +4 Shocking burst quarterstaff of maiming RR Hum Lv12
    +1 Holy dagger of Puncturing RR WF lv6
    +4 holy Burst Kama Of Rightousness LV 16
    +3 Holy Burst Handwraps RR WF lv10
    +2 Kama of Smiting
    +2 Kama of Disruption
    +1 Icey Burst Dwarven Axe RR halfling lv2
    +2 Greataxe of Everbright Lv 6
    +5 Ghost Touch Light pick Lv10
    +2 Longswrod of Greater Elemental Bane Lv8
    +1 Transmuting Addamantine Longsword of Maiming Lv 6
    +1 Great Axe of smiting lv10
    +1 Icey Burst Great Axe of Rightousness lv6
    +1 Vorpal Greataxe of Deception lv12
    Axe of Adaxus
    Giant Stalker Knife (x2)
    +3 Cursepewing Rapier of Backstabbing lv12
    +5 Flaming Burst Kama of Maiming RR Elf/Drow Lv 12
    +5 Thundering Shortsword lv10
    +3 Greater Potency 7 Longsword lv 14
    +1 Frost Longsword Lv 2
    +2 Transmuting Khopesh of Shatter +4 lv10
    +1 Banishing Shortsword of Everbright Lv 14
    +2 Ghost touch Dwarven Axe of Pure Good lv6
    +1 Frost Dwarven Axe of Slowburst lv6
    +1 Thundering Longsword lv2
    +1 Crippling Shortsword of Maiming Lv 4
    +1 Vorpal Dwarven Axe Lv10
    +3 Flaming Burst Khopesh of Vertigo +4 lv 12
    Grievous Blade


    Necklace of prot +3 lv9
    Helm of Freewill
    Cloak of Prot +5 RRwf lv11
    Helm of the Flame (x2)
    Lesser boots of striding and springing
    Cloak of prot +4 lv11
    cloak of res +4 lv 11 (x2)
    Reavers ring
    Strength gloves +5 lv 11
    Con +5 Necklace lv 11
    +5 armored bracers of heal +5 RR WF lv 13
    25% striding boots of tumble +3 RRWF lv13
    Fragment of the silver flame
    Necklace Prot +5 Lv13
    Mantle of the Dragonfriend
    Charisma +6 Cloak
    Int +5 Goggles lv11
    Int +3 Goggles lv7
    Cloven Jaw Warbeads
    Gatewardens Girdle
    Boots of Grease
    Ring of bulls Strenth5 lv5
    Kutiks Bead
    Wiz +1 Prot +5 Necklace Lv 15


    +2 Docent of Haste3 Lv 8
    Mithril FP of Speed lv4
    +3 Mithril FP lv6
    +2 Deathblock Docent lv8
    +2 Arcane sigil Docent lv8
    +4 Deathblock Docent Lv 14
    Elemental Breastplate
    +2 Addy Chainshirt Lv2
    +2 Mithril Chainshirt lv 2


    Lesser Lightning Guard Robe of Spearblock lv4
    Mobile Robe of light fortification lv2
    Sacred Robe of web(3)lv4


    +4 Heavy Mithril shield lv6
    +1 Deathblock heavy steel shield lv10
    Carved bone shield lv 10


    +5 Thieves tools
    Candy canes (x2)
    Syberis dragonshard
    flawed shard
    imperfect shard

    Posts : 18
    Join date : 2009-06-16
    Age : 37
    Location : Dallas, TX

    Re: Treasury list

    Post by Easybakeoven on Fri 26 Jun 2009, 8:25 pm

    Some new items for the Treasury

    +1 paralizing Rapier LV10

    Remove curse clickie LV7

    CHarisma +6 helm RRdwarf lv 11

    INt +6 goggles rr halfling lv11

    +4 acid light crossbow of pure good lv10

    Cloak of Divine Power(3) lv 9

    INt +5 goggles lv11

    Search +10 goggles lv9

    Ring Disable Device +11 lv11

    +5 Acid Greatsword of Pure good lv12

    Posts : 18
    Join date : 2009-06-16
    Age : 37
    Location : Dallas, TX

    Re: Treasury list

    Post by Easybakeoven on Fri 28 Aug 2009, 1:15 am

    The guild treasury will be cleaned out over the next few days. No new items will be added. Any items that are left over will be sold and proceedes will go to our starving clerics in the form on supplies i.e. scrolls wands etc. \

    Items will either be up for roll in guild chat or being shovelled out to whoever wants it. If u donated something and would like it back now is the time to do so.


    I am not going to be online as much as i have been in the past due to some personal issues that i have to take care of.

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    Age : 46

    Re: Treasury list

    Post by Serrina on Tue 01 Sep 2009, 4:09 am

    Ill take the paralyzing rapier and the DD Ring +11 for my rogue ranger he could use both. Let me know what you want for them

    I could use the greater POtency Longsword too for my bard

    Thanks bubs


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    Re: Treasury list

    Post by Sponsored content

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