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    * Lamannia is up! 1.10.0.a here we come! #

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    Lamannia Release Notes and Known Issues

    October 9th, 2009 — Uncategorized

    The release notes are now available, but if you can not access the Lamannia forums, you can’t see them. If that is the case, you can read them here.

    Welcome to the preview Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted Thursday, October 8th 2009. Please note that these preview release notes are subject to changes and additions.
    News & Notes

    The old Harbor area is open again after months of renovation. Experienced adventurers can travel there to investigate a mysterious organization called the Path of Inspiration. For those looking for a lifestyle change, an orc named Kruz has settled in House Jorasco offering you an alternative path through the process of reincarnation. Still looking to get the marrow out of life? Stormreach’s battle-hardened veterans report that the adventures in Menechtarun can be even more Epic than before.

    Of Special Note

    New Adventure Packs
    The Path of Inspiration

    When the Inspired from the distant city of Dar Qat offered to renovate Stormreach’s old Harbor they said they were interested only in trade and friendship. But are the Inspired a dream come true or a sinister nightmare? Explore five new dungeons that will take you beneath the Harbor, to a savage island, and into your own mind as you track down the Inspired’s terrible secret.

    * Rescue a Coin Lord spy to receive vital information regarding the Path of Inspiration cult.
    * Free the son of Coin Lord Graden Wylkes and others from their imprisonment before they can be brainwashed.
    * Discover the fate of the Rogue Jeets Shimis after his time with the Path of Inspiration.
    * Enter into the mind of a Stormreach hero, battle his inner Ego and release him from his mental captivity.
    * Break into the Dar Qat trade mission to destroy the Dreaming Dark’s secret weapon.

    This level 17 to 19 adventure pack includes 5 hand-crafted adventures! Adventurers seeking to confront the Path of Inspiration should visit the lower harbor district.

    New Store Items & Features

    Hair styles & Hair Reversal Tonics

    It is now possible to change your character’s hair style thanks to the magic of hair style tonics! Whether you’re looking to make your hair shorter, longer, or specially styled, hair style tonics will change your character’s hair right in the game. Exclusive styles, found only in the DDO Store, are available for male and female characters.

    In addition, if you’d like to return to your original hair color and/or style, we now offer Hair Reversal Tonics in the DDO Store! Using the tonics you may:

    * Reverse your hair color to the original color your character had at character creation.
    * Reverse your hair style to the original style your character had at character creation.
    * Reverse both the color and style to the original your character had at character creation.

    All available hair products can be found in the Cosmetics category of the DDO Store!

    32 Point Character Creation

    You may now unlock the ability to create a character who begins with 32 ability points instead of 28 by earning 1750 favor or with Turbine Points in the DDO Store! 32 Point Build Characters can be found in the Premium Items category of the DDO Store.

    More Shared Bank Space

    You can now increase the size of your shared bank by 10 slots in the DDO Store! Extra shared bank space can be found under the Premium Items category of the DDO Store.

    Hireling Contracts Folder
    Running out of room for your Hireling contracts? Hireling Contracts Folders are now available for all your contract storage needs! These special containers come in multiple sizes and can hold contracts in stacks based on the size of the folder.

    * A small folder can hold up to two types of Hirelings in stacks of 3.
    * A medium folder can hold up to three types of Hirelings in stacks of 3.
    * A large folder can hold up to five types of Hirelings in stacks of 4.
    * A huge folder can hold up to eight types of Hirelings in stacks of 10.

    When you’re ready to use your hireling(s), pull out the contract from the folder and activate it. Once activated, a Hireling contract cannot be returned to the folder. You may move contracts in and out of the folder so long as they have not been activated. Contract folders are bound to character and able to be stored in your regular character bank.

    To purchase Hireling Contracts Folders visit the Gear & Equipment category of the DDO Store.

    Epic Dungeons

    Ever wished you could run one of your favorite mid-game dungeons at a higher level, have it be challenging, and receive awesome loot for it? With Epic Dungeons, now you can!

    * For Update 1, the Demon Sands Adventure Pack has received the Epic treatment. Five adventures in the Menechtarun Desert (including the Queen Lailat raid) can now be played in Epic difficulty.
    * Old favorite items that originated in these dungeons can be upgraded into powerful Epic versions by collecting rare scrolls, seals, and shards.
    * Epic rewards can be further customized with Epic Augment Crystals, permanently adding new effects to your items.
    * Epic dungeons and raids award special tokens that can be traded for Augment Crystals or True Reincarnation Tokens. See Misty in the Tower of the Twelve for more details!
    * All members of the party must be 20th level to enter on Epic difficulty.
    * This difficulty will only be unlocked if you have completed the dungeon/raid on Elite

    Introducing Reincarnation

    The new Reincarnation system enables players to leverage their existing progress with one of their current characters in the game and allows players to revisit certain decisions made in that characters advancement or to create an all-new more powerful hero. All Reincarnated characters will retain the name and items from previous character incarnation.

    True Reincarnation

    A true reincarnation lets the player recreate a more powerful character and change anything about them (except for the name and gender), including their class and race. Tapping into memories of their former selves, true reincarnated characters will receive additional build points to spend in character generation as well as unique bonuses in the form of access to Past Life Feats. Each True generation will also be physically larger than previous generations (you’re welcome Halflings!). True reincarnation allows players to relive their journey through Stormreach. Characters will keep no experience or favor upon creation, will start at level 1, and require more experience to progress through each level. True reincarnation grants 2 bonus build points for every true reincarnation, and are always base 32 point, even if the character was initially created as a 28 point.

    Lesser Reincarnation

    A character that undergoes Lesser Reincarnation retains their race, gender, alignment, and the class they selected at level one. They are permitted to re-spend their ability points, change their feat selection, re-allocate skill points, spells, etc., or are free to select a path. Unlike True Reincarnation, characters will retain all favor and experience, but reincarnate with the same number of build points of the current incarnation and must train the exact level progression of the old character.

    Greater reincarnation

    Greater reincarnation has the same benefits as Lesser Reincarnation, and additionally will upgrade a 28 point (non-drow) character into a 32 point build character.

    How To Reincarnate

    In order to reincarnate, you’ll need to speak with Kruz the Reincarnation trainer in House Jorasco. He can be found at the top of the stairs in the south west garden. Kruz requires an item known as a “heart of wood” in order to reincarnate you. Hearts of wood can be purchased in the DDO Store. True Hearts of Wood for True Reincarnation can also be earned by trading Epic quest tokens for a True Heart of wood.

    Veteran Status

    Do you enjoy making new characters, but tire of running the low-level content over and over again? If so, you’ll love Veteran Status!

    * Players will be able to unlock the ability to create veteran characters which enter the game at level four.
    * Veteran Status Characters will enter directly to the Marketplace rather than playing through the Korthos experience.
    * Players must achieve 1000 favor to receive Veteran Status and speak with the Drow Elder, Nyx Durandimion. Alternatively, in lieu of favor, Veteran Status may be purchased in the DDO Store as long as you have a level 4 (or higher) character.

    Quest Changes

    Stopping the Sahuagin

    The control box is closer to the traps now and can more easily be detected by new players.

    Cannith Aqueduct

    Fixed a typo that directed you to go “east” to find the quest when it should have said “north”.

    Kobold’s New Ring Leader

    It’s no longer possible to have x-ray vision through the walls to see some optional mini bosses.


    * Wayfinder Dael and the quest journal now do a better job of explaining where to go for the Shan-To-Kor quest series.
    * The mapnote for the Steam Tunnels now correctly shows that it is part of a premium adventure pack.

    The Sacred Helm

    Greezix is no longer inside the Caverns of Shaagh. He bestows the Sacred Helm quest from inside the Steam Tunnels instead.

    Caverns of Shaagh

    A chest has been added to the area where Greezix once was.

    Bookbinder Rescue

    All traps now do appropriate damage for the challenge rating of the quest.

    Tangleroot Gorge

    The Hobgoblins have called an electrician to fix some traps that were failing to go off on intruders.

    Tomb of the Forbidden

    An issue with a sealing door trap was fixed to prevent players from getting permanently trapped.

    Necropolis Series Part 2

    New handwraps have been added.

    Hall of the Third Legion

    Barnizdu, the Pit Fiend in the Hall of the Third Legion is now properly channeling his spell and can’t be engaged during the first few seconds of the encounter.

    General Quest Changes

    Arlos, Coyle and several other NPCs will follow the last player who spoke with them.


    The Twelve have discovered a new eldritch device that is so powerful it could only be described as “epic”. Members of the Twelve are seeking adventurers who are willing to gather materials for researching this device.


    * New handwraps have been added to Necropolis II.
    * The Lorinthor’s set bonus now functions as expected, dealing extra damage to evil outsiders instead of adding the Greater Evil Outsider Bane ability to monsters hit by a Knight of the Chalice wearing the entire set.
    * Amara’s Belt now has the Exorcist of the Silver Flame set bonus.
    * Randomly generated transmuting handwraps now function. Really.
    * Chances for drops of prestige enhancement specific gear, as well as other treasure, in Shavarath have been evened out (previously some items were not dropping at appropriate rates)

    Hezrou “allies” will no longer teleport blindly into rooms they cannot see.

    Other Changes

    * Fixed an error causing some free players to have DDO Stormreach rather than DDO Unlimited chat and mail permissions.
    * A prankster was caught inappropriately levitating objects on the Harbor dock, and has been reprimanded.
    * Fixed Free Agents favor mail so it no longer refers to Gerald Goodblade. Lord Goodblade is busy elsewhere.
    * Wandering NPCs under the Marketplace tent will no longer get themselves tangled in the decorative swaths of fabric beneath the tent.

    Known Issues

    Below is a list of some of the Known Issues that we are aware of. Should you come across any of these issues while previewing, there is no need to submit a bug report unless otherwise noted. For more information about bug reporting, click here!
    Current Lamannia Known Issues (10-8-2009)

    Of Special Note

    * If your quest fails to complete, logging out and back in can re-update your quest status to grant the completion. Make sure you have someone in the quest to keep the instance active for you while attempting this work-around. Solo players please note: logging out and back in may help, but only if your instance does not reset in the process. If the instance resets you will need to redo the quest.
    * The spell Mordenkainen’s Disjunction (both the player’s version as well as the one cast by monsters) is permanently breaking items worn by players. When the spell is cast on a player wearing items in a worn state, it will flag the item as having been broken (even through the item is not actually broken). This causes the item to become unrepairable. We recommend that players not destroy these unrepairable items.
    * Players have reported that they sometimes have trouble climbing up long ladders due to hitching or becoming caught in the middle of the ladder. Many of these “sticky” ladders have been fixed, but there may be other locations. If you come across a sticky ladder, please submit a bug report from the location of the ladder.
    * The DDO Unlimited key mapping will over-ride existing Stormreach key maps. Make a copy of your ‘ddo.keymap’ file before using DDO Unlimited to retain your old settings.
    * If you are downgrading from a VIP account, any characters of a premium race and/or class that you have not purchased with Turbine Points or unlocked with favor must be purchased/unlocked before you will be able to access the character as a free or premium player. Example: If you downgrade and select a warforged monk, you will need to purchase monk and warforged before you’ll be able to play the character.
    * Remember that if you take Jeets offer to skip the tutorial you will be advanced ahead in the storyline of Korthos. In order to group with friends who have not yet unlocked the ability to skip the tutorial, decline Jeets offer to skip ahead and complete the grotto tutorial instance. This will allow you to enter the snowy version of Korthos village to group with other players in that part of the story!

    Turbine Download Manager

    * If you enter character generation and already have 10+ characters displayed, you will need to wait for the game to download before being able to select/create a character to login with.
    * The TDM UI occasionally stops updating, even though TDM is still downloading. To correct this, close the UI using the x in the upper right hand corner, and then reopen it by double clicking the icon in the system tray or through the start menu.
    * Windows Vista Only – After installing Lamannia via TDM, the live non-TDM DDO client hangs at “Examining Programs.” To fix this, please go into the folder you have the live client for DDO installed and run this file:


    * The game icon created by TDM in the Games Explorer folder of VISTA currently does not work. You will need to launch TDM and click the play button to enter the game.

    DDO Store

    * NEW – The Store is not currently filtering by gender, so you may see hair styles that are for the opposite gender of your character. Attempting to use one of these will give your character the gender appropriate equivilant.
    * NEW - In order to Greater Reincarnate a 28 point Character into a 32 point, you must have the ability to play 32 point builds unlocked. You can unlock 32 point builds via favor or the DDO Store.
    * Once Favored Soul or Drow is unlocked with favor points, it is still accessible in the DDO Store. This is by design, as purchase in the store will grant Favored Soul or Drow access to your account for all servers, while favor unlocking is per-server only.
    * If you enter a credit card in the Store and it is rejected for any reason, you will not see a failure message, and will instead be redirected back to the shopping pages of the DDO Store. The payment information is not updated and if you continue with your purchase it will try to process with the old information. Check your my account information prior to making a purchase to ensure that changes to your credit card were properly updated.
    * “Recent Buys” in the store are only displaying very latest purchase
    * “Continue shopping” store link takes you to the homepage
    * Items in the store on sale for 0 points are not purchasable
    * Scrollbars erroneously appear on dropdown menus, but you can’t scroll without closing the menu
    * Crafting menu is obscured by the scrollbar
    * Purchase of Content Packs in the store will not automatically display the associated Guest Pass. To correct this, click the Home button (the one which looks like a little house) on the Store window and navigate/search for the Guest Pass again.
    * Viewing the Store before you login a character will only display account level character purchase items. To see a full list of items available to your character, log in the character.
    * Scroll and Potion vendors do not link to the correct page in the Store
    * Some items display a different icon in the Store then the icon in your inventory
    * The DDO Store’s automatic filtering does not recognize feats or enhancements that allow you to overcome prerequisites for some items. This can result in the Store blocking some items from appearing in your catalog because the store doesn’t think you are able to use the items.
    * Returning players who are not receiving their favor reward Turbine Points may be able to correct the issue by logging out and back into the game to receive residual Points. Refreshing the Store using the home (the house icon) button may also correct the issue.

    In Game Vendors

    * When selling to pawnbrokers, remember that unlike Tavern-keepers and general vendors, other players can purchase an item you’ve sold to the NPC. Additionally, it is intended that items sold to pawnbrokers will not appear in your buyback list. Instead the item will appear for purchase in the sell tab of the pawnbroker’s list.
    * After attempting to post an item that is broken or has low durability, the auction will be rejected but the item will stay in the UI. You must close the auction house UI to add more items to the auction house.
    * The Armor Broker in Amarath is not currently brokering armor, but clothing instead.
    * Agrimor, the Level 1 – 3 Arcane reagents vendor, has run out of supplies of Licorice (Level 3 Bard Component). Agrimor is expecting a fresh shipment of Licorice in the future.
    * Tad Hardcastle spent so much on his new acrobats outfit that he has tried to cut some corners on his donation gifts. The Greater Tumble spell he casts will only allow players to tumble if they have more than 0 ranks in tumble.
    * Maxon the Dreamwalker is not currently collecting Blessed Candles.


    * When leveling up a character not following a pre-generated Path, when selecting an ability stat increase (at 4th, 8th, 12th, and 16th level) the summary page for your new level will incorrectly display an additional point to your chosen ability stat
    * The Fog of War on the system map may be reset if the map is resized.
    * When viewed at graphics settings higher than ‘Medium’, the Whirlwind feat graphic will be black.


    * Wizards following paths may get the message ‘Invalid advancement data’ after using a +2 tome near level 16, or a +1 tome near level 20.
    * For Drow Bards following Virtuoso of the Sword, at level 17 the path receives 3 ranks in the Tumble skill. This is not showing when leveling up.


    * When reporting issues with a Hireling, be sure to include the name of which Hireling you were using.
    * Hirelings will path to monsters across water if they think they can jump across. They aren’t very good swimmers though, and if they don’t make the jump, you will have to recall them to you.
    * Many switches, levers, and other interactables have been scooted into Hireling reach. If you encounter one they still refuse to use, please submit a bug report but include specific information on the location of the interactable they’re having trouble with.
    * The icon used on the contract for Syllix Giantbane is incorrect. It shows that he is a barbarian when he is in fact a fighter.
    * The Hireling Rage is experiencing a regenerative event loop from time to time. Ignore him. He’s just angry.
    * A number of lowest level and highest level hirelings do not have the appropriate portrait on their hotbar.
    * The hireling Full Metal does not cast Zeal on himself when asked to.
    * Paladin Hirelings will often use their lay on hands on summon creatures immediately when they are summoned.


    * Some AOE debuff/cc spells are listed in the tooltips as “Spell Resistance: No”, even though they are resistible.
    * Casting Protection from Evil on a character, or putting on an item that bestows Protection from Evil, while having a Protection +1 item on will cause your AC to appear lower than it is
    * The icon for Summon Monster IX displays an Efreet and not a Hezrou as it should.
    * When casting Blade Barrier while standing in water, the spell effect will disappear immediately after it appears.
    * The icon for Mordenkainen’s Disjunction shows a ‘0′ for spell level rather than ‘X’
    * The icon for Chain Missile shows it as level ‘I’ when it should be level ‘III’
    * The icon for Prismatic ray does not show a ‘V’ as it should to indicate the spell level
    * Mass Repair Damage spells do not use the correct ‘Mass’ icon, but instead display the standard repair icon.
    * When Good Hope is cast after players take advantage of Heroes’ Feast at a rest shrine, the immunity for Fear and Poison will be lost.
    * During PVP, players with the Invisibility spell cast on them can still be seen by opponent players.
    * During PVP, when a spell caster casts a Ray spell (e.g. Niac’s Cold Ray, Ray of Enfeeblement, Scortching Ray, etc) at a player that is 2.5 meters away or closer, the spell misses.
    * Implosion is currently not being dispelled by a beholder’s anti-magic

    Skills, Feats, & Abilities

    * Spell resistance provided by the monk ability Diamond Soul is not displaying properly on the character sheet. This is a visual error only, and the spell resistance is being applied.
    * The Quick Draw feat does not have an effect on how quickly a player performs a ranged attack or switches their armor as the description indicates.
    * Monks start with a base attack bonus (BAB) of 0. They are granted a +1 to BAB while centered. For the purpose of determining pre-requisits for feats, the bonus for being centered is not considered. This is unclear in the current character sheet display.
    * When toggling Slow Fall ‘off’ it may not turn the effect off.
    * The minimum ranks in the Perform skill required to use Bard songs are based on the ‘ranks’ taken, not the modified skill total. This is by design.
    * The icon for Perfect Slow Fall does have the correct icon.
    * The icon for Hide in Plain Sight is incorrect. It is using the ‘Die Hard’ icon.
    * The rogue ability ‘Poison: Thoughtburn’ does not always stop enemy casters from casting spells as it should.
    * The description of the barbarian ‘Rage’ feat does not accurately indicate the duration the rage will last. This duration is modifed by the characters constitution score.
    * The icon for Tireless Rage appears twice on the character sheet, and is showing as the Die Hard icon.


    * Warforged Brute Fighting can not be used when a rage effect is applied to the character.
    * Paladin Specialty, Defender of Siberys I: The maximum dexterity bonus increase on tower shields does not display properly. The maximum dexterity is being applied as it should however.
    * Paladin Enhancement, Defender of Siberys III: The Glorious Stand ability does not apply a cure light wounds each time the damage reduction 20/epic is overcome as it should.
    * Paladin Enhancement, Stalwart Defender: The increase to max dex bonus is not being correct applied to Warforged with adamantine plating.
    * The description for the Toughness enhancement lines can be confusing, as the hit points described do not stack with the previous enhancement. For example, Barbarian Toughness I states you are granted 10 additional hit points, while Barbarian Toughness II states you are granted 20 additional hit points. The total hit points you will receive when taking both barbarian toughness enhancements is 20, as the second level of enhancement is including the 10 from the first level in the description.
    * Enhancement, Paladin, Divine Might: The charisma requirement for Divine Might is listed in the description but does not show in the requirements section.
    * For Dwarven Axe Damage II, “Throwing Axe Damage II” is incorrectly displaying as “Throwing Axe Damage III”. The effect ‘II’ is what is being applied.
    * The Barbarian Might capstone uses an active icon when it should be passive.
    * The Master of Archery capstone uses an active icon when it should be passive.
    * The text for the Spell Damage Application enhancements is cut short.
    * The enhancement ‘Extra Action Boosts’ should only be boosting the number of Fighter action boosts. Currently it is boosting the number of all action boosts. This will be corrected in the near future.
    * Paladin’s with the Knight of Chalice III enhancement should not wear the full Lorinthor’s item set. Wearing the item set can cause a client crash when fighting Evil Outsiders.


    * Greensteel bows are currently not properly applying blast effects.
    * In rare cases, level 10 and level 11 race restricted handwraps were not working as intended. These dysfunctional handwraps will no longer drop. Note that any of these particular handwraps that were previously dropped are still dysfunctional.
    * The ‘Keen’ effect is not apply properly to thrown weapons.
    * After using a Thrown Weapon, you will need to re-equip ranged weapon ammo such as arrow or bolts.
    * The effect of the Kensai set bonus for wearing Verik’s Necklace and Ring shows a passive icon while the icon should be displayed as active.
    * Thrown weapons are not receiving the set bonus for wearing Tharne’s googles and bracers.
    * The following potions can not be used while raged. They will be updated in the future. Lesser Restoration, Nuetralize Poison, Remove Curse, Remove Disease, Remove Fear.
    * The DC bonus to Stunning Fist and Stunning Blow is not being applied when using handwraps. It is added appropriately when using other weighted weapons.


    * Items fixed or modified using the Stone of Change or other Eldritch Devices will sometimes not display the updated effects. This is a display bug only. Removing, and then re-equipping, the item will show the updates to the item.
    * The ‘Force Critical’ and ‘Force Damage’ rituals from the Stone of Change do not apply appropriately to handwraps.


    * King Raiyum is a bit smarter than the average undead ruler, and avoids spawning into AoEs when possible. If you do cast AoEs onto King Raiyum before he spawns, and he does not spawn: leave the room , allow the AoE spells to expire, and then return to the room. He should activate normally.
    * Bezekira attacks are getting concealed when attacking players.


    * Certain quest objectives will not show as completed for some players in a party. The objectives that involve monster deaths appear to be the most common offenders (example: killing one of the kobold brothers in the Den of the Kobold Brothers quest doesn’t properly give credit to all party members for the death of the kobold).
    * The NPCs for the following quests display a ‘grey’ chalice when they should be showing a ‘green’ chalice to indicate the quest is completed and that the player needs to speak with them to advance it:
    o Redemption
    o Kobold Assault
    o Irestone Inlet
    o Gwylan’s Stand
    o Redwillow Ruins
    o Caverns of Korromar.
    * The Reaver’s Fate
    o Sometimes the reverse-gravity effect will stay on longer than it should.
    * The Shroud
    o If taken to the death room ahead of your party, you will need to wait for your comrades to join you in the final encounter before you will be able to go back via the portals to receive rewards from the previous phase. This will be corrected in a future patch.

    Adventure Areas

    * Sands of Menechtarun
    o Some mummies are named “base”
    * Ruins of Gianthold
    o Pride Leader Xilic currently is not counting towards the rare spawns total when killed.
    * Ataraxia’s Haven
    o When using ‘Recall’ from Ataraxia’s Haven you may not end up in the public area which you entered from.


    * NEW – You may not be able to exit the arena at the end of a PvP match. Logging out and waiting or changing characters for 5 minutes before logging back in with the stuck character will correct this issue.


    * Valden Fey in the Marketplace can get stuck on objects in the market.
    * At times you may enter a public spaces or new quest areas via a portal and find objects in the room missing. The Quickfoot Thieves thought it would be funny to make objects around Stormreach invisible. The objects are there, you just can’t see them! Leaving and re-entering the area can remove the effect.
    * After collecting treasure from a bag that falls from a monster the bag will disappear. If you later come back to the location of the bag, it may re-appear by you will not be able to pick it up again.
    * When the mouse cursor is over a number of UI elements, including hot bars, the keyboard will not respond to commands.
    * G15 keyboard LCD displays currently show Spellpoint totals for non-casters. The hitpoint totals displayed as a result of changes to a player’s constitution bonus are sometimes displaying inaccurately.
    * Due to an issue with the engine upgrade, other player’s characters may appear to be “choppy” in movement at times. This does not effect your own character, only other characters you are viewing.
    * Improvements have been made to the game’s launcher, in order to become more compatible to Windows Vista. However, some users may encounter errors if they have already adjusted Vista permissions to get the game to work. Click Here for information on how to fix this error.
    * Computers operating with the following Video Cards may have performance or other difficulties:
    o Nvidia 7800 GTX
    + Floaty names may appear distorted. Turning off video post effects will correct the issue.
    o Intel 965 onboard video
    + Game may crash on higher level graphics settings.
    o ATI Radeon HD 4870
    + Game may crash while running in DX10 mode. Turning off Stencil Shadows should stop the crashing.
    o ATI Radeon HD 2600
    + You may experience performance problems under DX10.
    o Nvidia Geforce FX 5950 Ultra
    + You may experience performance problems.
    o ATI Radeon HD 7500
    + You may experience performance texture problems in certain areas of the game.
    o Nvidia Geforce FX 5200
    + You may experience performance problems.
    o ATI Radeon HD 3650
    + You may experience performance problems at very high game settings.
    o ATI Radeon HD 2400
    + You may experience performance problems.

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    News Items for 2009-10-08

    October 8th, 2009 — Twitter Posts

    * The Lamannia Release Notes & Known Issues are available now. http://is.gd/45lKN If you can't reach them, you can see them on ddoreports.com. #
    * Key points: 5 new quests (Inspired), new hair styles in the store, 32-point build in the store, Hireling Contract folders, Epic, RESPEC! #
    * Key points cont.: True Reincarnation = 2 more build points & start @ level 1, and get Past Lives Feats. Veteran status = start @ level 4. #

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    News Items for 2009-10-07

    October 7th, 2009 — Twitter Posts

    * Update 1 coming to Lamania soon. Get info for getting ready for it here. http://is.gd/43wFP #

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    News Items for 10-07-2009

    October 7th, 2009 — Uncategorized

    * Update 1 is being released on lamannia http://my.ddo.com/tolero/2009/10/07/prepare-for-lamannia/ Tolero has stated they are targetting tomorrow

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    News Items for 10-06-2009

    October 6th, 2009 — Uncategorized

    * Massively is highlighting the new Youtube channel for DDO, Massively’s article can be found here http://www.massively.com/2009/10/06/turbine-reveals-ddo-and-lotro-youtube-channels/ and the new youtube channel can be found here https://www.youtube.com/dungeonsanddragons
    * The DDO store is having a stat buff sale till Thursday details here http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=205371
    * Dev Flimsyfirewood is asking people to pm devs in regards to bugged boss behaviour in the Tower of Despair raid http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?&postid=2464612#post2464612

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    News Items for 10-01-2009

    October 1st, 2009 — Uncategorized

    * Patch 2 was released today along with release notes which can be found here http://compendium.ddo.com/wiki/Release_Notes_DDO_Unlimited_Patch_2_Official
    * Ten Ton Hammer has an article on the monk and favoured Soul classes http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/75039
    * New calendar wallpapers were released http://www.ddo.com/ddomedia/wallpapers

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    News Items for 2009-09-30

    September 30th, 2009 — Twitter Posts

    * Scheduled Server Downtime: 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM Eastern (-5 GMT) for update. Release notes coming tomorrow. http://is.gd/3OFAJ #
    * Looks like Epic difficulty is coming to DDO (maybe just specific quests?) http://is.gd/3Pjvn (in case it gets closed: http://is.gd/3PjFl) #
    * I guess this also means that Lamannia is coming back up soon. Is this for the update tomorrow or 1.10 (Mod 10/Update 1)? http://is.gd/3Pk14 #
    * …And the Lannania forum is now closed. You can see the screenshots that I grabbed though. Let the speculation BEGIN! #
    * Programming note. I'll be on vacation until Tuesday, but ArkoHighStar will be at the helm. (Be nice to him, please. I lost the receipt.) #

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    News Items for 2009-09-28

    September 28th, 2009 — Twitter Posts

    * There is a bug currently with Disjunction where you can not repair items after being affected by this. http://is.gd/3L0bK Careful vs Abbot. #

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    News Items for 2009-09-25

    September 25th, 2009 — Twitter Posts

    * DDO… and broccoli – in Massively's One Shots today! Click the links for laughs. Smile bit.ly U7CPf (via @turbine) #
    * DDO Unlimited Interview with Turbine's Craig Alexander — http://tinyurl.com/ybg3vdl (via @MMORPGcom) #

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    o I had removed the Release Notes and Known Issues post in the concern that it was covered by an NDA, but I have just reposted it. 3 days ago
    o Key points cont.: True Reincarnation = 2 more build points & start @ level 1, and get Past Lives Feats. Veteran status = start @ level 4. 4 days ago
    o Key points: 5 new quests (Inspired), new hair styles in the store, 32-point build in the store, Hireling Contract folders, Epic, RESPEC! 4 days ago
    o The Lamannia Release Notes & Known Issues are available now. http://is.gd/45lKN If you can't reach them, you can see them on ddoreports.com. 4 days ago
    o Update 1 coming to Lamania soon. Get info for getting ready for it here. http://is.gd/43wFP 5 days ago
    o Programming note. I'll be on vacation until Tuesday, but ArkoHighStar will be at the helm. (Be nice to him, please. I lost the receipt.) 1 week ago
    o …And the Lannania forum is now closed. You can see the screenshots that I grabbed though. Let the speculation BEGIN! 1 week ago
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