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    Guild Rules Empty Guild Rules

    Post by Serrina on Tue 16 Jun 2009, 8:38 pm

    Hey, so, we're not big on telling anyone how to play the game but we do have a few rules that you must follow while a member of our guild.

    First off we'd like to remind everyone that although we consider this a Clan For Adults 18 and up there might be times when younger folks are around. Espaecially now tht the Developers are opening up to free players and more kids. Even if they're not in guild they might be hangin over mom or pops shoulder watchin the action. That being the case we'd like to ask all members to keep Guild Chat G rated. This means no sex chat, drug chat, or anything that could be considered offensive to children while in the guild chat room. So no profanity please. Party chat you can say almost anything assuming no one in the party is offended, and that everyone in the party is an adult. If you're asked to tone it down please do so, as we do not want to offend anyone.


    .There aren't many, but please abide by the few we have.

    1. NO DRAMA. If you are creating, or maintaining drama, you will be removed.

    2. 12th level for officer, and 3 votes from existing officers (yes, there are exceptions)

    3. If members do not log their characters in one (1) year, they will be removed. If OFFICERS do not log in one (1) month they will be demoted, and member rules applied.

    ONLY the guild leader will remove players from the guild. If there is an issue, bring it to Repairman or Devisteo.

    5. Officers are asked to have at least one (1) recruit a week.

    6. Run with a potential recruit before bringing them in.

    7. Courtesy: it costs you nothing, and really goes a long way.


    9. Guild comes first; ask your fellow guildies before putting up and LFM.

    10. All New Members must set their Party Chat, General Chat and Combat Chat to accept incoming text from Guild Chat. All officers MUST set all of their chats to accept incoming text from Guild Chat and Officers.

    11. ALL New members MUST logg in all their toons on the guild forums. To do so; Click on Guild forums from this site, Go to Members List or New Members List, and List ALL your toons on one post, also list their levels and Guild Tags for each toon. THANK YOU.

    Example: Devlin 16 Tank DRB
    . Serina 16 Cleric DRB

    Other than that, our biggest rule is to HAVE FUN!

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