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    Bank clearing

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    Bank clearing Empty Bank clearing

    Post by paclly on Tue 25 Aug 2009, 12:32 am

    My bank is filled with items I no longer use, so I'll put a list here and renew it periodically. Everything here is up for guild members to grab. That's for your own use of course, not going to vendor. Send me a mail in game to Paclly of which you want and I'll mail them to you when I could locate it in my bank.

    I'll go with the format like this

    Minimum level requirement -- slot -- details

    ML15 belt, 5 charges of neutralize poison
    ML11 cloak, 3 charges of remove blindness, cha +2
    ML10 dagger, superior potency 4 (increase damage of 4th lv or lower spells by 50%)
    ML13 gloves, open lock +13
    ML13 googles, spot +13
    ML13 ring, disable device +13
    ML15 cloak, protection +5 cha +1
    ML13 bracers, st +6
    ML0 trinket, pearl of power 1, grants wearer +10sp, doesn't stack with other +sp items
    ML7 boots, feather falling, jump +3
    ML13 belt, greater false life, con +1
    ML13 helm, imtimidate +3, greater potency 4 (increase damage of 4th lv or lower spell by 40%)
    ML15 cloak, cha +1, protection +5
    ML0 helm, lesser potency 1 (increase damage of 1st lv spell by 10%)
    ML15 belt, con +6, light fortification
    ML0 belt, 3 charges of jump
    ML9 trinket, proof against poison, con +2, will save -2
    ML15 helm, +1 wis, wizardry 6 (+150sp)

    I got TONS +1 stat, no min lv requirement items on all different kind of slots, just ask if I probably have 1 to fill you up!


    ML14 handwraps, +4 flaming burst, weighted 2%
    ML12 handwraps, +4 frost, parrying (+1 insight ac)
    ML12 handwraps, +2 banishing
    ML10 handwraps, +5 ghost touch
    ML14 handwraps, +2 disruption, seeker +2
    ML14 kama, +1 axiomatic, disruption
    ML12 kama, +1 thundering, greater undead bane
    ML14 kama, +3 greater dragon bane, seeker +4

    ML12 handwraps, +4 icy burst, sneak attack +1
    ML14 handwraps, +2 disruption
    ML14 kama, +5 flaming burst, deception
    ML8 handwraps, +1 holy, parrying
    ML10 handwraps, +3 holy, sneak attack +1
    ML8 handwraps, +1 ghost touch, greater dragon bane
    ML10 kama, +1 smiting
    ML2 handwraps, +1 acid
    ML4 kama, +1 cold iron, pure good (yes that can bypass flesh render’s DR)

    I’ve also got some Greater resist cloaks and +5 thieves’ tools if you need, just check with me


    ML10 light mace, +2 ghost touch, greater lawful outsider bane
    ML12 light hammer, +5 true law, pure good
    ML10 light mace, +1 transmuting, grater gnoll bane
    ML10 sickle, +2 cursespewing, righteousness
    ML12 sickle, +5 frost, adamantine, pure good
    ML16 light hammer, +5 crippling, greater lawful outsider bane
    ML10 rapier, +2 shock, greater gnoll bane
    ML12 shortsword, +1 wounding, greater human monstrous humanoid bane
    ML12 shortbow, +1 paralyzing, deception
    ML12 composite shortbow, +1 crippling, smiting
    ML12 shortbow, +1 banishing, +1 sneak attack
    ML 6 longbow (giant’s roar), +2 roaring (shaken when hit, 2d6 sonic damage when critically hit)
    ML10 composite shortbow, +4 frost, pure good
    ML13 necklace, disease immunity, protection +4
    ML8 outfit, heavy fortification (probably the lowest ML you can get with heavy fortification)


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    Bank clearing Empty Re: Bank clearing

    Post by paclly on Fri 16 Oct 2009, 11:58 am


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